Welcome to Equine Solace

Nestled in the rolling hills of Bridgeville, Nova Scotia, lies Equine Solace. In this peaceful setting Jenna Smith, registered counsellor and Mental Health Professional, and her team of horses offer individualized equine assisted therapy to help clients heal from within. Equine Solace is dedicated to supporting the mental health and well being of first responders, veterans, at-risk youth and others dealing with trauma, PTSD, loss or abuse.

Welcome to Equine Solace. A peaceful equine assisted therapy facility nestled in the rolling hills of Bridgeville, Nova Scotia.

Hi, I am Jenna Smith MA, RCC.  I am a Mental Health Professional with Equine Facilitated Wellness-Canada. 

Address:  3925 East River West Side Road, Bridgeville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Find connection.  Develop insights.  Begin to heal through equine assisted therapy.