Meet Valentine. She’s about six years old. The heart of the team.
This is Nitchi.  At twenty-one years he is the elder: wise and soulful.
Swagger is a seven year old gelding.  He is athletic, playful, and curious.


Humans and horses partnering to create opportunities to safely heal from trauma together in an environment where both horse and human are respected as sentient beings with gifts to offer each other


To provide a respectful, safe environment where both horses and humans collaborate through equine facilitated interactions to heal traumatic experiences including PTSD, grief and loss, violence and abuse.

Horses and humans are each invited to voluntarily engage in activities beneficial to both.


Facilitate the healing of trauma through equine related activities


Registered Clinical Counsellor and retired First Responder providing experiential learning experiences with horses for the healing of PTSD, grief and trauma based behaviours


Communication, mutual respect, establishment of healthy boundaries, collaboration between humans and equines, honouring horses as sentient beings